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Welcome to The Resume App.

We believe in providing the right tools to help you develop your career.
Right in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic, our team was striving to create a resume application with the hope of helping countless people who lost their jobs find the right opportunities. After extensive research and development, The Resume App was conceived. Yes, it allows you to create and customize elegant and professional resumes as well as cover letters effortlessly, but it also brings a wealth of career growth opportunities for users.
Our team strives to bring you the best in career management services and exceptional tools to help you succeed in your career. Our team is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions in helping you build your career.
We are aware that the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has not been kind to the working population. Therefore, we would like to help you out. See the pricing and plans page and register for a basic account for FREE (original price = $4.99 / month).